Covid-19 has left a lasting impression on the world of mompreneurs. With schools closed, most childcare off the table, and limited opportunities to leave the house; daily life is a precarious balancing act, combining paid work, housework and full-time childcare. Over the last year, mompreneurs have only garnered more of our respect for the way they can collaborate effectively with diverse people, take on multiple arduous tasks, all while being able to conduct themselves with empathy and compassion. They are able to connect deeply with their families and clients, but also, they are able to get the job done while wearing multiple hats.

Ready to do anything for their beautiful children and run their homes? Check.
Fiercely committed to their business and success? Also check.

We don’t know how they do it, but they make the impossible possible, every single day by showing up. That’s why this Mother’s Day, all of us at Protonn, shine the light on mompreneurs.

Communicating clearly and simply is an absolute necessity when it comes to working with customers and clients. And the mompreneur community has got heaps of practice! Thanks to all their experience at home, they know how to speak empathetically, but are also masters at patiently listening to a variety of questions and requests. They can also creatively reframe ideas for more appeal. These things translate beautifully in conversations with clients & customers, and make them an absolute pleasure to work with!

As an independent professional with children in tow, they may rely on their natural talents of persuasion to get their point across with clarity, and on time. “Moms are master negotiators,” says Alex Taylor, cofounder of Perelela mom-led startup specializing in prenatal wellness. “These skills are mission critical in the early stages of building a business.” Of course, we don’t mean treating your clients like kids! But persuasion combined with patience and flexibility can go a long way when it comes to running a service-led business successfully.

Recently, the Federal Reserve published a study that stated women with children were more effective in their jobs. The study looked at survey responses of 10,000 academics throughout a 30-year career, so yes, you better believe it’s true! If you’re a mompreneur, you are by default a seasoned project manager, a creative problem solver and cool as a cucumber in times of crisis – you’ve got all the magic pixie dust that makes you the best independent professional to work with!

The balancing act between home and business is tough and comes with new challenges everyday – so we thought we’d curate a few tips and resources that might be useful for mompreneurs who are on their ‘business mogul’ journey:

1. Prioritize & automate.

Set up 2 task-lists for yourself: one for work and one for life. Write down all the tasks that you need to accomplish for the week, and then break it down to the top 3 things you absolutely must get done on each day. Can’t find pen & paper? Record an audio note & send it to yourself.

Better still, use apps like Bear or Todoist to help you keep track of tasks and set up reminders. If almost all your work is online with documents saved to the cloud, do check out Motion (an excellent distraction blocker and tab organiser). Ask Siri to remind you of things at certain times. Ask Alexa to order things for you from Amazon before you forget.

2. Me time is essential.

So much to do, such little time! Take just 10 minutes to yourself and start the day with conscious awareness. Ask yourself what you would like to cultivate in your day, express gratitude for the good things in your life, and set a clear intention for the day.

You could utilize a guided meditation app like Headspace or Insight Timer. You can get started with this one, curated just for you. A counter-intuitive idea for hyper-vigilant mompreneurs- create a worry journal! Between business, life and child – we know you have countless things to be anxious about – big and small. Take the load off by simply writing them down – this technique has been proven to significantly ease anxiety.

3. Get inspired.

If you’re chasing down profitability & sustainability as a mompreneur, this podcast is your one stop shop for inspiring interviews, effective, fluff-free business strategy, and mindset tips and ideas to help you develop a rock solid business mindset. Hosted by Allison Hardy who has 10+ years of online entrepreneurship experience, it’s absolutely unmissable! On days when you’re feeling down in the dumps, tune into any episode of Inspiring Mompreneurs where they shine the spotlight on mom entrepreneurs, inventors, authors & coaches.