How often do you wonder if you’ll ever find your soulmate, and if you do, how will you identify them? Or have you met someone, but you’re wondering whether he or she is “The One?” The one for you?

Let us help you find out!

A soulmate is not always about a perfect match, as many people assume these days. They might be like two jagged-edged jigsaw pieces attempting to fit together. Sometimes it appears that you do not fit together well. But, after some turning, twisting, and rotating the parts around, you feel the ideal click. It’s a sensation deep in your soul that says, “This is the one.”

Imagine, everything was going smoothly; you thought you had found your true love, but then suddenly something came up and stroked so hard that now you’re left with doubts. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

Keep reading to clear your confusion. This article might help you identify your soulmate. We hope everything goes well for you!

1. You’ve Got a Gut Feeling

You know when your heart says, “Yeah, he’s the one,” have you ever had that kind of a feeling? If you do, condo! Your heart never lies. One of the most important signs you’ll get, not just in the case of your soulmate but in almost every situation you’ll ever face in your life, is your gut feeling. Listen to your heart and trust your instincts; they’ll lead to something good.

2. It’s Always Us and Not Me

Does your partner consider only themself while making any decision? Is he not bothered by your comfort or preferences at all? Let us get this very clear. There’s no such thing as “me” in a relationship. It’s always “us” against the world. If your partner considers your comfort equally, this might be a sign that he’s the one.

3. You’re Comfortable Around That Person

Everyone around you holds keys to the locks of your different personalities. Sometimes you fake yourself when around someone; it might be because of their preferences or any kind of guilt. But a soulmate is someone who loves you for being you. You’re comfortable being your true self around your soulmate.

4. You Share Common Values

It isn’t possible for you to find someone who’s a hundred percent copy of you. But most often, soulmates share some common values, if not all. These may be religious, moral, or ethical values. These values are something both you and your partner will never compromise on. You both know these values and respect each other’s values. Do you share any common values with your partner?

5. You Both Respect Each Other’s Opinions

Differences of opinion are pretty normal, especially for couples. But to mock the other person for their opinion is not okay. Know that everybody is built differently and thinks differently. And that it’s completely normal to have a difference of opinion. If your partner takes you and your opinion too lightly, this might be a big red flag.

6. You Feel at Home

The comfort, love, and sense of satisfaction you feel when around the right person is something different. You feel safe, and it feels like you’ve known each other for ages. You can run around them in your pyjamas without feeling ashamed. You feel at ease, or you can say that you simply feel at home. And what do we all want after a long tiring day? Home!

7. You Can Easily Share Everything With Your Better Half

There’s no such thing as good or bad to talk about with your soulmate. Tell them everything, good or bad, a proud moment or an awkward one. Does your partner tell you how their day went, how he got late for office and got reprimanded by his boss, or how he slipped at a party while everyone was watching? Or do you guys share only happy moments?

8. They’re Not Judgemental

A soulmate is someone who won’t judge you at all. Because that’s the last thing you’ll want your soulmate to be. A true soulmate will understand how you feel, why you react so angrily over such a small thing, and why you get worked up over nothing. If your partner is judgmental, run! Run and never look back.

9. You Both Give Each Other Space

Having a partner doesn’t mean you cling to the other person the whole time. Soulmates don’t get jealous because of a third party as they trust you. Being soulmates is more about giving each other the required space and respecting each other’s privacy. Does your partner give you space to grow, or is your relationship suffocating you?

10. You Feel Complete When With Them

Think of someone without whom you can’t imagine your life. They make you feel complete; their company leaves a pleasant effect on you, they bring your better version out, you feel satisfied and content. You’re happy when you’re with them. Do you have someone like that in your life?

11. They Feel Your Pain and So Do You

Remember, love is never one-sided, at least not a true one. You can’t keep pouring from one jug always. And love is also not about happy times only. You go through tough times as well. Do you feel bad when your partner is sick, or suffered a loss, or is going through something bad? Do you share your partner’s grieves and miseries? And does your partner do the same for you?

12. Your Paths Cross Repeatedly

You know, when they say “a match made in heaven,” this is something similar to that. If you’re running into that person again and again, maybe destiny wants you to be together too. But don’t get fooled by a toxic person who won’t let you go even if you want to.

13. Soulmates Never Leave

No matter how hard things get, soulmates never give up on each other. They never leave, and even if they do, they’ll come back eventually. With time, you might get into situations when you feel like everything’s falling apart. You might start thinking that there is no future for you together. But if your partner holds on to you firmly during that time, don’t let go of them, ever!