Delicious and Versatile Pound Cake!
Prep Time
Cook Time
Prep Time
Cook Time
  1. Cream 4 sticks of butter that are at room temperature just until they are whipped together.
  2. Add the sugar to the butter and whip until blended (you will see specks of sugar throughout the butter) together. *I do one cup at a time.
  3. I break my eggs one at a time (in case a piece of egg shell breaks off) and add to the sugar/butter. I mix just until the yolk is mixed in. Repeat for each egg.
  4. *Make sure you scrape the sides throughout the process (from butter to sugar to eggs through the flour) in order to make sure you get all the ingredients and so that there are no parts not mixed together.
  5. Sift flour (if you want – not everyone does this) I prefer to do this. If you decide to use a leavening agent (baking soda or powder) I recommend sifting with the flour – same if you add salt. Sift at minimum three times. *My sifter is older than me – which I’m sure you can tell! I also spoon it into my measuring cup and use the back of a knife to level it off. Just like my mama taught me. Or I should say: “how I saw her doing it when I watched”.
  6. Add the flour one cup at a time and alternate with milk (begin with dry and end with dry) mixing between each and scraping the sides/bottom of bowl (unless you have a stand mixer in which case you’re just adding and have a paddle too – I’m jelly *lol*). Do not over mix.
  7. Add in flavoring if you’re using and do a quick mix just to blend it into the mixture throughout.
  8. Grease your tube/bundt/muffin tin/loaf pan – whatever completely (use a pastry brush to go over so that you miss no crevice – this is really important if using a bundt pan) then coat with flour. You can also use a baking spray as it is a combination pre-mixed and what I used with no issues.
  9. Pour the batter into your pan or pans. Just remember – do not bake more than one at a time so that it will bake evenly! After you have poured your batter make sure you drop or plop the pan (without too much force as you don’t want to damage your counter) – I sort of spin mine when I do this at least once as it levels it too. Then I pop/bop it on the counter to get out air bubbles if any.
  10. In the bundt OR tube pan I also take a small spatula and run a ring between the middle and outside (middle) of my batter. It pushes the batter toward the outside and inside and helps to cook it properly along with not being a crack that you see a lot but instead the perfect ring with that you expect on a pound cake.
  11. If using all the batter in one pan (bundt/tube) bake at 300° (in a COLD OVEN) for 2 hours. Walk lightly and do not open/close your oven door. If you have a light you can check after 1.5 hours with that. ALL ovens are different and cook differently (especially between electric and gas) so when you really smell the pound cake and I mean smell it – then you should flip that light on and see; especially if it’s been 1.5 hours to 1 hour and 45 minutes. If it is golden and looks settled and I have made this for so long I know it’s done and I don’t even have to do the stick test (or toothpick test) but if you do then do so as close to the middle as possible and all the way down and then when removed it should come out clean.
  12. When you remove the pound cake let it sit for 20 minutes. Minimum 15 – I always do 20 but that’s my house and the ideal time for my kitchen. After 20 minutes take a wire rack and place over the pan. Then flip. Sit the wire rack down with the pan still over the pound cake. If you did not feel the cake shift when you flipped it then you can knock on the pan with your hand/knuckles like a door a few times. If you have coated your pan correctly then you should not have any issues at all and it should come right out.
  13. Let the pound cake cool completely then transfer to a plate and cut – serve. Or sprinkle confectioner’s sugar over or a glaze or any sort or some do jams or just serve with jams or fruit and/or whip cream etc. You can sit on the plate either way – if in a bundt where you see the designs or on opposite so you’re able to see the crunchy goody top. You can lightly heat a piece up the next day and put some whip cream on or ice cream or just have a slice with your coffee – however you want it. It’s super good and stored properly lasts me all week if I don’t eat it all in say two!
  14. Now on to my itty bitty try this birthday pound cake base taste test for my daughter and friends *lol*
  15. Everything is the same – I just held back some of the batter (and knew before cooking to reduce the time *duh* btw my other is fine just extra crunchy which I’m good for and that family member is thrilled!) Make sure you still plop/drop to get out air bubbles and make sure you still cook it at 300° in a cold oven! Cold Oven is important! Do No Preheat! I let it cool for 20 minutes then flipped it on my wire rack to let it cool completely. One thing with using pound cake under my icing (at least for me) even if I’m in a rush and it’s still slightly warm to the touch I’ve never had an issue with crumbs. Ever.
  16. I didn’t cut this to be nice and level. I just added the buttercream icing and started cutting and letting the kids taste. I also let them try a chocolate buttercream and a more lighter almost whipped type icing too.
  17. This is the smaller loaf pan flipped and cooling (ignore the blue toothpick that one of the kids had – they had their own colors to stick in pieces of cake to claim as theirs – remember I had others *lol*)
  18. This extra skinny piece is mine – don’t ask how many I had before this one and how much crunchy topping I had already devoured. If my finger needed to be poked right now … well, let’s just say that may not be a good idea HA!
  19. Here’s two pieces of the bundt pound cake that I’d cut out (and again, darker than normally done as I withheld batter to make a small loaf) – but still so yummy!
  20. After those couple pieces removed. See it looks like (on the outside) I had cocoa but you can tell by the inside nu-uh. I am kicking myself but if I were using this with icing I would be so over it as it did not make a difference with the taste at all – it was still moist and delicious just a tad crunchier around the top edges which are on the bottom now.
  21. *Just so you know – my mom prefers her pound cake with a leavening agent – depending on which one she has. She also uses salt and a cup of whole milk. She also separates her whites from her yolks. She uses her yolks when I say add eggs and then does her whites at the very end where it says add vanilla/almond flavoring (alternating) not just dumping together. I’ve done it her way and other ways; however, to me, the one I’ve listed is just a simple and traditional/basic pound cake. I hope you like it as much as we do!