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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

~Jawaharial Nehru


This summer we plan to take a road trip up the coast of California into Oregon.  Since it will take about 15 hours give or take (depending on how many bathroom breaks I will need) I thought it might be fun to see what we can do to make the trip even more memorable.  For any road trip the basics in my mind include comfort, games and snacks!  I am always impressed with how creative these mom bloggers are on Pinterest and found some really cute and great ideas for your next road trip!






Bring Your Own Pillow:

I prefer to bring my pillows if we are staying at a hotel and this idea from Tip Junkie makes it part of the entertainment for the kids!  What a cute idea and there will be no arguments about whose pillow is whose!  Plus you can stuff in their favorite toy and books.  Learn how to make this adorable craft on Tip Junkie.









DIY Food Travel Kit

This is a great idea for kids and big kids at heart!  What an easy way to keep them busy for awhile during snack time.  You could even play some games like eat the food that starts with the letter C – which could be chips or cheerios.  You can find these containers on Amazon or at your local Container store. Image found on Pinterest.





Snacks for Each Destination:

The ladies over at The Dating Divas are so clever! What a fun way to snack!  Plus you can spread out any treats they might be getting on the road trip – a type of “reward” for not complaining.  They offer these printables on their site The Dating Divas.





Make it Easy:

This is a great idea – just recycle a baby wipe container for each child and put some snacks in them. Write their name on the outside so they know which is their snack box and let them pick which snacks they want to put in their box.  Image found on Pinterest.







 Make it Fun:

For any successful road trip – where we hear less of the question “Are We There Yet?” and more giggles and laughter, games are key!  The Dating Divas put together a great list of games you can include on your next road trip.  Love this Secret Mission idea!  Read more here.






Bring Loads of Books:

This is a really cute idea!  If you are a crafter or like to sew then this would probably be easy for you to make.  Image found on Pinterest.  If you are not so inclined (myself included) then the canvas shoe holder might do the trick for you instead!




 Recycle and Old Canvas Shoe Holder:

This clever idea comes from Martha Stewart (of course, she’s so clever) and they said they cut and hemmed it the bottom so it fit easily onto the back of the front seat.  I would save some new toys just for this occasion and definitely bring along a map, flashlight, sticker book, and some Mad Lib games to stuff in the pockets.   Found on Martha Stewart.




The More Games the Better:

Isn’t this the truth?!  This is a fun pdf you can download from The Ginger Bread Blog who found it on Moms  You can even make up your own Scavenger Hunt depending on what states and sights you might come across.  Since we are driving up the coast we might add some dolphins and seagulls!




Pack a Binder to Help Create Memories

I really like this idea of a binder for each child.  Glue Sticks Blog provides some really great ideas on her site here.  She even has a section for the kids to save their ticket stubs and any other items they might want to save.  To read how to make your own go here.

Hope these suggestions help you on your next road trip!

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