Nickelodeon Veterans Create “batteryPOP” Video Network for Kids


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 Today’s post is brought to you by batteryPOP but all opinions are my own.


BatteryPOP is a new cross-platform video network created by Nickelodeon veterans with kids’ safety and agency in mind. With batteryPOP, programming duties are handed over to the viewers themselves.  You sign up and the first thing they ask you is to pick an adjective and then pick a noun.  And then you pick your Avatar which could be a silly looking kid, alien, robot or a few other choices.  This is your character so every time you visit the network you sign in and start having some fun.  I really like that it was created for kids and allows them to “pop” which cartoons, music and comedy shows they enjoyed.  I haven’t seen anything like this on the web and am really appreciative that my daughter can go to this site and I don’t have to worry about the video’s she might come across.  There are things floating around on the internet that kids need not have access to and batteryPOP makes sure that all programming shown on their network are kid-friendly.

“Today’s children are pretty sophisticated consumers of entertainment,” says Nickelodeon veteran Greg Alkalay, a co-founder of the network, which is featured in the May issue of Parents Magazine and was recently profiled by TechCrunch“While working at Nickelodeon, where adults are tasked with guessing which programs will succeed with kids, it occurred to me that a digital back end could be built which would enable us to let children decide which videos would be featured in the lineup each day.” Children vote to make favorite shows “pop” and can share content with friends. Content includes everything from cartoons to live action shows, interviews, educational programs, celebrities, music and sports.

As a parent himself, Alkalay is passionate about creating a fun and safe environment where kids enjoy parent-approved videos on their tablets, computers and smartphones. And because users never give out private information (they use a nickname and the season in which they were born as identifiers) parents can rest easy knowing that their child is safe on batteryPOP.  My daughter tends to watch more videos, shows and games on her iPad and computer than the TV which is so interesting about her generation.  Growing up, we didn’t have access to a thousand channels and YouTube was nowhere near fruition!  Nowadays, parents really have to monitor and block any unwanted videos or programming on their TV’s and smart devices.  BatteryPOP does the work for you by offering only kid-friendly content and your kids can have a blast sharing what programs they like with their friends.



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BatteryPOP delivers fun for the kids and a peace of mind for parents! This new cross-platform network for kids ages 6-11 and family audiences provide short form web series in a safe and engaging setting. Some of the cartoons we enjoyed include Helium Harvey, a curious boy exploring his backyard and Ray and Clovis, best friends forever – no matter what!  The quality of the programming is really impressive! Here is some more information the creators shared with us about this innovative platform!

– The content is available streaming on computer, tablet and smartphone screens and the parent-friendly entertainment hub features a wide variety of unique and premium content ranging from cartoons and live action shows to exclusive interviews and events covering top trending celebrities and topics for kids.

– All content hosted by batteryPOP is free and is pre-screened to be kid-safe.

– batteryPOP puts kids in charge by allowing their votes and feedback to reach the show creators directly.

– Founded by two Nickelodeon content veterans, Greg Alkalay and Taso Mastorakis.

– Key personalities and shows featured on the site include exclusive video premieres by X-Factor’s Al Calderon and series such as “Totally Random,” “Cody the Dinosaur,” “Recess Stories,” “Huevo Kids” and “Pencilmation.”


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Another feature I really like is that it shows you what has been popped the most. BatteryPOP hosts an array of original programming, including the snack-infused kid sound-off series “Chew on That,” the street team series “What’s Poppin” that interviews kids on what’s trending in music, movies, TV and books.   BatteryPOP always stays up to date on what’s popular, like Rainbow Loom videos, Minecraft videos (my daughter is obsessed with these videos), LEGO videos – if it’s interesting to kids, they’ve got it! Kids can click the plus sign if they want to POP it! or the lightening bolt (fun) if they want to FOLLOW the show, series, etc., which allows a lot of interactive playing on the network.  And how great is it that the programmers of these programs can get immediate feedback on their shows to see what the kids are enjoying.


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Today’s post is brought to you by batteryPOP, but all opinions are my own.  We are big fans of this very cool and innovative platform!


You can find batteryPOP here:

Website: batteryPOP

Twitter: @batterypop

Facebook: batteryPOP

Instagram: @batterypop

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