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Most of the country is enjoying the fall season and getting geared up for the holidays and some fun!  Here in southern California we have been having heat wave after heat wave but that isn’t deterring me for starting to find some fun recipes I can make with my daughter once it cools down a bit.  I have good memories of making fudge in the kitchen with my mom and like to create some lasting ones with my little monkey! I found some tasty ones that can be enjoyed by the whole family!




Owl Graham Crackers:

This fun sweet is from Eyes On the Source and uses graham crackers, marshmallows and candy corn to make an adorable owl treat.   She also made some spider snacks that will be a hit at your Halloween party.  Read more here:




Homemade Apple Chips:

Tis the season for apples and love this tasty and healthy treat from Cupcake Project.  She uses fresh green apples, cuts fall shapes out of them and sprinkles sugar and cinnamon on them and bakes them.  You can’t get much healthier than this!  To read more go to:




Caramel Apple Pizza:

This yummy caramel apple pizza looks just too good!  Most kids love pizza, and this version is the perfect sweet treat.  Read more at:




Caramel Apple Popcorn:


I think we will have to make this one today!  We are big fans of popcorn and mix in caramel and pieces of apple and I know this one will go quick.  A nice treat to add to my daughters lunch as well.  To read more go to:




Caramel Apple Cake:

This recipe calls for unsweetened applesauce and caramel candy pieces.  The ingredients are fairly healthy and a better choice than adding corn syrup such as found in traditional caramel apples!  Plus you add chopped walnuts and lots of yummy spices like cinnamon, cloves and all-spice.   This is a fun and easy recipe from Spoonful that looks really tasty.  We didn’t really make these growing up but I plan to try out this recipe for sure this fall.   Read more here:


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