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Months ago my daughter and I were walking along the Los Rios Street in San Juan Capistrano in a quaint area that has one of the oldest Missions in California, and tons of adorable and inviting shops.  We took the train down for a visit and had a wonderful girls-day out.  The nursery was having a Fairy Garden demo class and invited us to join them.  After that class I was sold on Fairy Gardens and have been meaning to do another one with my daughter.  We found some great ideas from other bloggers that provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your won garden this summer with the kids.  Have a fairy-good time!






This Fairy Garden comes from the adorable site Crow’s Feet Chic.  She even provides a tutorial to make the bird stone house that can be found at any local craft store.  I love how she put it in this old barrel on her back doorstep so it is the first thing you see in her garden.  To read more go to:





This idea comes from Happiness is and is one of my favorites because she uses succulents in the fairy garden.  She mentions that her daughter put in some plastic butterflies as well to give it some finishing touches.  For the planter she used an old wooden box she had.  I am  excited to try this one out as we have an old French container like this one that was used to catch mussels that my girlfriend brought back from France. I haven’t found a use for it – until now!  You can read more here where she provides a step-by-step tutorial:





You must check out The Magic Onions Fairy Garden Contest finalists.  She had over 200 submissions and some are just so creative.  I love this one and you could even make one out of an old suitcase as well.  You can see that anything goes for designing a Fairy Garden!  I love this idea and might have to be on a search for an old vintage suitcase at a local garage sale.  To see more of the finalists for ideas go here:




Radio Flyer Fairy Garden

What a clever idea from blogger Cozy Little House found here:  I would not have thought to put a garden in a Radio Flyer but love this idea!

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