Ideas to Throw a Great 4th of July Party!

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When we were kids, a few days before the 4th of July, my dad would drive into a nearby city that sold fireworks.  My brother and I would spend a considerable amount of time looking over the different packages they offered and always made sure we had some sparklers, the spinning flowers, and of course a couple grand-finale bottle rockets.  Back in the day, people were allowed to purchase fireworks and use them on the 4th.  This part was usually the highlight of the day for us kids and we loved opening up the large box of fireworks!  Now-n-days, our city is the only place you can view fireworks at the local high school football field.

For the past few years we have spent the 4th of July at our neighborhood pool which surprisingly is usually pretty empty on the 4th – minus our neighborhood friends we meet up with at the pool.  It is a great way to spend American’s birthday! This year we plan to decorate the pool area and came across some great 4th of July easy recipes (easy is always good) and inexpensive decorating ideas.






4th of July Fruit Platter:

This fun fruit platter was found at the Bright Ideas Blog.  She has some really great ideas for other 4th of July themed dishes that would be very simple to put together at the last minute. You can also find this recipe at:  It looks like a combination of watermelon, blueberries and firm tofu.  Just put some colorful toothpicks next to the platter and you are good to go!





S’mores Bar:

Love this idea from Party City with the colorful buckets and bowls.  My daughter is a huge fan of S’mores any time of year but the 4th is a fun tradition to enjoy this treat.  You can make up a cute S’mores Bar sign on your computer and print it out on some colorful paper.  To get some more ideas on how to decorate for the 4th – Party City has put together 10 Fun Ideas that can be found here:




Pie’s Galore:

I love this table decor and want to try all those yummy pies they have on the table! What’s a 4th of July Party without a pie to enjoy?  You can use a fruit holder you might have around the house to display some beautiful fruit.  The rest is pretty easy – just purchase some inexpensive flags, colorful napkins and some sunflowers, and you are good to go!  This fun 4th of July décor ideas can be found at:  You should check out this really stylish site as she has a great eye for simple yet fun ideas to decorate for any time of year.





Vintage American Themed Ideas:

Love these ideas from Celebrations at Home Blog.  They have displayed cute finger foods and yummy macarons (love these) using odds-n-ends they have around the house.  Love the antique look of the banner overhead which was made by utilizing printed burlap layered over fabric swatches.  You can read more about this cool table set up that could be used for an American-themed birthday party as well!  Just go to:  She has a ton of ideas for any type of party as well!







Party Printables:

And if you want to add some colorful signs and cards on your table – just go to:  She has a whole list of FREE July 4th Printables ready to be used at your upcoming party.


Top image courtesy of: (she has some really fun July 4th décor ideas!


Have a wonderful July 4th dandelion moms!


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